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Empire Tower Pattaya - Pattaya - Photo

Pattaya - Empire Tower Pattaya

Year of completion: November 2022

Sale price 2.45 - 8.10 MB

  • Floor number - 23
  • Distance to the beach - 700 m.
  • Swimming pool - communal
  • Furnishing - semi-furnished
  • Internet - WI-FI
  • Sauna
  • Bar
  • Gym (fitness)
  • Parking
  • Garden
  • Kid`s playground
  • keycard access
  • CCTV
  • Security

  • The lobby is spacious and elegant. Design in classic style It is also a luxury 5 star hotel. Matching white marble The black swap gives this space a more luxurious look.

    5 Star restaurant. Best design with contemporary classic style.

    Brand Shop Designed and decorated by the same architect. Customers can shop here. No need to go to the city shop.

    Garden in Contemporary Style Perfect for relaxation. With a contemporary look. But still look classic on the design. Let customers feel luxurious when using this garden. This garden is located on the 10th floor. Of course, that is the view of the city. And high enough to not hear the car rush to disturb your time.

    Childrens Park A garden that creates courage. And develop childrens skills. The park is located on the 12th floor, although its height is high, but its security is also high. Your kids can have fun.

    Retro garden Highlighted trees and red brick Provides warmth and relaxation close to nature. Customers who want to relax in the garden for a long time. This garden is definitely the answer. The garden is located on the 15th floor. Of course you will not hear the noise of the car to disturb the rest of the course.

    The garden is located on the 19th floor. A garden that focuses on the living and activities of the residents. It is a common place where people of all ages can come.

    The sky cafe would not be wrong. This cafe is located on the 22nd floor. One of the best views in Pattaya is that it is.

    Jum into the Roman-style luxury pool on the 23rd floor, which is 80 meters above the ground. Relax with a swim and take panoramic views. Nothing obstructs sight. With the design of the infinity view. There is also a childrens pool and Jacuzzi.

    Evening Fitness with Yoga Class with sunset view to Jomtien Beach. Exclusive for customers only.

    Relax in the sauna and steam room. After exercising or returning from restoration work, fatigue. Helps to improve health.

    Utility area Customers can use for activities. Or at night. With wide lawn Walking barefoot with nature.

    Runs on a treadmill in a fitness that is high up to look like it is running in the air. Exercise in the light to reflect the fun. Accelerate your power.

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    Empire Tower Pattaya - News

    22 April 2019 Empire Tower เอ็มไพร์ ทาวเวอร์ พัทยา
    2.45 mb - studio 23.5 sqm., fully furnished
    2.90 mb - 1 bedroom 33 sqm., fully furnished
    7.50 mb - 2 bedrooms 66.5 sqm., fully furnished

    04 March 2019 Empire Tower
    2.70 mb - studio 23.5 sq.m., fully furnished
    3.25 mb - 1 bedroom 33 sq.m., fully furnished
    8.10 mb - 2 bedrooms 66.5 sq.m., fully furnished

    21 November 2018 Empire Tower Pattaya
    Empire Tower is a single high rise, multi-complex condominium where residential and commercial purposes are merged together. It comprises of 23 floors, features 443 individual units, ranging from 23 sqm. studios, 33 sqm. one -bedroom units and 67 sqm. two-bedroom units.

    25 September 2018 Empire Tower Pattaya
    2.45 mb - studio 23.5 sq.m., fully furnished
    2.70 mb - studio 23.5 sq.m., fully furnished
    2.90 mb - 1 bedroom 33 sq.m., fully furnished
    3.25 mb - 1 bedroom 33 sq.m., fully furnished
    7.50 mb - 2 bedrooms 66.5 sq.m., fully furnished
    8.10 mb - 2 bedrooms 66.5 sq.m., fully furnished

    News Empire Tower Pattaya

    Empire Tower Pattaya - Analytics

    25 April 2018 Empire Tower Pattaya

    25 April 2018 Empire Tower Pattaya

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